Must Have Foodie iPhone Apps

These days we go online for almost everything, chatting with friends, buying gourmet food, catching up with World news, finding great places to eat and getting recipes. We can even do this on the go, so what are the coolest applications for foodies, here’s a rundown:

  • The Good Food Guide:
    Helps you find safe, healthy and sustainable food, personal care and toy products by scanning bar codes.
  • All Organic:
    A list of organic markets, stores and restaurants across the US.
  • Locavore:
    Helps you find seasonal foods in your neighborhood.
  • The Seafood Guide:
    Helps you to make wise and sustainable seafood choices developed by the famous Monterrey Aquarium.
  • iFarmMarket:
    Awonderful collection of American Farmers Markets with location and opening hours.
  • iVegetarian:
    A great guide to vegetarian and vegan eco-friendly dining.
  • Green Sushi Selection:
    Guides you to make safe and sustainable sushi choices complete with Japanese names.
  • Tipulate:
    Calculates tips and splits the bill.
  • Big Oven:
    160,000 free recipes
  • Pocket Cocktails:
    Drinks and wine featuring a collection of cocktail recipes, and suggestions for food and wine pairings
  • Calorie Tracker (by Livestrong):
    Log your daily food intake to find out how many calories you are taking in, it also allows you to record physical activity stating calories burned
  • Food Network:
    Jam-packed with free recipes
  • Yelp:
    A free GPS enabled local restaurant guide
  • UrbanSpoon:
    A free slot machine style app, allowing you to add the type of food and price range, it then finds a local restaurant for you
  • Hello Vino:
    An app that lists great suggestions for wine pairings.  Don’t know which wine goes with that cheese you are enjoying? Just open the app and it lists all the perfect wine pairings and even recommends specific brands.

~ by rebeccasubbiah on March 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Must Have Foodie iPhone Apps”

  1. These apps are just fantastic – its amazing what some people come up with!!

  2. Thank you for the suggestions! I have the yelp and urbanspoon apps, but I’ll have to check out the other ones for sure!

  3. Allow us to “pair” our free Hello Vino app with your foodie picks. Hello Vino gives you wine recommendations when you need them most – in the store or at a restaurant.

    The app also has thousands of food and wine pairings to help you find the perfect match. You can download the free app at


    The Hello Vino Team

    • Absolutely. You have a great application and I will be more than happy to add it to the list! We can only hope that one day users will be able to buy great cheese right from the app! We are constantly expanding our cheese offerings.

  4. I’m a little surprised to see the Food Network app listed. It doesn’t have many recipes and is lacking in content. Epicurious has a much better app with plenty of recipes, and it allows you to store recipes and create a shopping list from the recipes you’ve picked.

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