Nifty Kitchen Gadgets

Heres a run down of our favorite must have nifty kitchen gadgets, with cool designs and great uses!

  • Poach Pods – These cool little silicon pods allow you to poach eggs: simply break the egg into them and add to boiling water.  Poach pods create the perfect Sunday morning breakfast when paired with smoked salmon and French cheese!

Poach Pod

  • Danish Bread WhiskThis is a fantastic tool for mixing bread dough, recommended by “Artisan Bread in Five”, proponents of the famous no knead method of bread making.

Danish Bread Whisk

  • Provencal Garlic GraterThis age old ceramic tool is a must have in any kitchen.  To release the full potency of garlic, simply rub each clove into the bottom of the bowl.  Classic, simple and extremely effective.

Provencal Garlic Grater

  • The Rabbit Ear Corkscrew – This nifty wine bottle opener extracts the cork in 3 seconds flat with no little bits of cork left behind!

Rabbit Ear Corkscrew

  • Tea Infuser Stick – A slick stainless steel vessel for adding tea leaves that slowly infuses the tea into your cup.  Great for single servings of perfectly brewed tea.
  • Avocado 3 in 1 – This is the must have tool for making guacamole.  As the name suggests, this handy device helps you pit the avocado, scoop it out and mash it in 3 simple steps.

Avocado 3 in 1

  • Folding Measuring Cups – Those with fully stocked kitchens know that every inch of space counts.  This functional design allows the measuring cups to collapse on themselves for convenient storage.

Folding measuring cups

  • The Simple Mash Potato Masher – This device makes mashing potatoes a cinch.  With half the effort of traditional methods, the simple mash potato masher creates perfectly fluffy mash potatoes each and every time.

The simple mash potato

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

written by Rebecca of Black Star Gourmet

~ by blackstargourmet on March 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Nifty Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. These are all great gadgets Rebecca! I love that potato masher and the garlic grater.

  2. In addition to the Danish Dough Whisk and poach pod, a couple of my favorite must haves are: a microwave food cover, bash ‘n chop, non-stick bbq stir fry for grilling vegetables, pumping oil mister and of course my $3 solution to a 30 year problem, a pot clip that holds spoons on the rip of my pot or mixing bowl.

  3. Reeni: thanks Reeni I have both of those
    HP: oh the pot clip sounds very handy

  4. I would go for the egg poacher! That may get me to eat eggs more often!

  5. So that bread mixer would do a better job than a standard KitchenAid (or your hands)? That’s such an interesting tool for the bread maker!

  6. Taste of Beirut: smiles
    Duo Dishes: oh trust me I use it so handy

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