Poached Eggs with Truffle Butter

Poached Eggs with Truffle Butter

A recipe for delicious poached eggs with truffle butter could not be any easier. These delicious eggs are served on mashed purple potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes (yams) so its hardly a recipe at all. Simply boil and mash some sweet potatoes with a little cream and butter, toast up an English muffin add a mixed green salad and top with poached eggs and delicious and unctuous truffle butter.

The only real trick is in poaching the eggs. I like to start with 3-4 cups of water to which I have added a tablespoon of white vinegar and a dash of salt and bring it to the boil. After the water is boiling gently I take a whisk and swirl the water around creating a whirlpool and it is in this little water tornado that I slide my eggs into. I like to crack the eggs into a little ramekin and cook them two at a time for about 2-3 minutes resulting in a perfectly poached egg.

The swirling water causes the eggs to roll and tumble gently creating the beautiful quenelle shape you see. All that’s left to do is enjoy.

Christo is a food enthusiast with a passion for all things tasty check out his blog, ChezWhat?.


~ by blackstargourmet on April 10, 2010.

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