Chocolate Around the World

Each Country has its own signature recipe for chocolate that makes it special and unique.  As it often happens, the best chocolate is produced in countries that do not even grow Cacao trees.

Fun Chocolate Facts

Natural Cacao

Here’s a look at some of the Worlds most famous chocolate making countries and what makes theirs unique:


Cadbury Dairy Milk logo

Cadbury Dairy Milk

England has a long history of chocolate making. In fact, the first chocolate house opened in the 17th century and Frys lay claim to creating the worlds first chocolate bar in 1847. It is famous for its high milk content and creaminess. Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate claims to have a glass and a half of milk in every pound and is the most popular selling chocolate in the World.


The first chocolate factory opened in 1765 by Hershey and is currently the biggest producer of chocolate in the World.


The French took a while to get a taste for chocolate, but now produce some of the finest in the world such as Bonnat Varhona and La Maison du Chocolat.


Is known around the world for its wonderful chocolate.  It contains a high cocoa butter content and rich taste, meeting high quality standards.


Leonidas Belgian Chocolates Assorted (32 pcs)

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates Assorted (32 pcs)

Often considered to be the best chocolate in the world.  As a country, it boosts over 2000 chocolate shops and produces 172, 000 tons of chocolate a year. Belgian chocolate production differs from other countries in the fact that it is cooled only at the end of production, locking in the aroma. It is mostly hand crafted and not mass produced making it a rather unique product.

We are proud to sell Leonidas Belgian Chocolate, which has a history of nearly 100 years.  Leonidas makes chocolate in Brussels using 100% cacao, fresh butter, cream and wonderful ingredients from around the world. Leonidas simply has the right formula for creating unforgettable chocolate: fresh, delicious ingredients and strict enforcement of high quality, hand made production using highly guarded secret recipes. The companies slogan is “Just Think of Someone”

So this mothers day, why not think of Mom and order some special Belgium Chocolates for her!

Natural Chocolate Truffles by Leonidas

Natural Chocolate Truffles by Leonidas



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  1. Thanks for this nice informative blog. from the above chocolates i only ate Dairy milk chocolate. i didn’t eat l Leonidas Belgian Chocolate . i wish in my country all these chocolates were available.

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