A Brief History of Coffee

Coffee has a wonderful and colorful history. It all started in Ethiopia when it is rumored that a goat herder was amazed by the lively behavior of his goats after eating coffee berries. The Flesh of the cherry was eaten by slaves entering the seaport of Mocha and this introduced coffee to Yemen and the Arabic World. It is in this region that Dutch traders got hold of coffee beans and took them home to Holland and grew trees in greenhouses in 1616.

The Arabs started the world’s first coffee houses.  They were places for local business people to meet, drink coffee, play chess and gossip. However, local authorities believed that coffee houses also brewed political movements quickly suppressed them. The Dutch started to ship coffee to Europe from  Indonesia where it was at first sold by lemonade vendors for its medicinal purposes. In 1683 the first European coffee house opened in Venice.

As coffee started to become popular, the Dutch and the French decided to set up plantations in Martinique and Central and Southern America as one of the New World’s most valuable cash crops. Even today coffee is one of the worlds most valuable commodities and the second largest after oil. Today coffee is mostly grown in warm countries along the equator as this climate is the best for coffee plants. In America the only state to grow coffee is Hawaii.

America has a long history of coffee drinking and indeed a longtime love affair with it. The first reference to coffee being drank was in 1668 and shortly after coffee houses started to spring up in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. America is the world largest consumer of coffee and home to some wonderful roasters and Baristas. Over the years as the gourmet coffee movement has taken hold, Americans are seeking out exceptional coffee with beans from the best growing regions.

So why not take your place in history and seek out a truly gourmet cup of coffee we carry a great selection of gourmet coffee here at Black Star Gourmet.


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One Response to “A Brief History of Coffee”

  1. Great article. I think most people forget that America grows its own exquisite coffee.

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